About us

buse kağıtThe firm, which started active business life under the name of "Sedef Kağıt Pazarı" by marketing packing and paper, took the frist step in the production of tissues in 1993 and at the end of 1993 it became a corporation by taking its present name.

buse kağıtThe business life of the company starting with a limited capital, in a 95-m2 office, with maximum 5 tonnes capacity in those years continues in a site with 2300-m2 closed and 900-m2 open area today and the capacity of production can reach 270 tonnes in a month today.

buse kağıtThe main job of the company whose capital is wholly domestic is to serve in use of tissues for home or out-of-home. Out of home, providing special logo printed or unprinted napkins, folded napkins for sets, paper towel and toilet paper for companies; for home, patterned napkins for special occasions, the production of napkins with various patterns for party groups are main activities of our company. It provides these services through the registered trademarks which are Sies, Deniz and Banko.